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Uncommon iPhone caseMany of my friends call me a ‘customization freak’, and rightly so. I will attempt to alter almost anything to make it reflect my personal style. I’ll invest (read: waste) hours in changing every aspect of my computer, from icons and backgrounds to skins and sounds. So when I got my last iPhone, I knew I had to find a custom case. And custom I found!

I ran into the guys from Uncommon at Macworld in February, and was instantly impressed. I know many of you are already familiar with the artistically bent site where Uncommon offers custom and unique cases for iPhones. But for those who haven’t checked them out yet, you’re in for a treat!

Not only can you select from a large array of artwork from the famous to the not-so-famous, but you can upload your own artwork to have emblazoned upon your iPhone case. They have a 3D TATT™ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology™) process that buries the ink deep in the plastic, so it’s high resolution, long-lasting and durable. Once you choose your image and hit the shopping cart, your case is shipped out and you’re on your way to being truly unique.

While I was chatting up the rep at Macworld, he handed me a stack of ten 40% off cards. The cards are good for 40% off the purchase of a single case. They currently have cases available for 3G and 3Gs, as well as the iPod Touch. The iPhone 4 and iPad cases are in the works.

I’m giving away the cards to ten randomly selected folks who comment on this post. I’ll select the winners on October 31st 2010. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

6 Responses to “Uncommon discount card giveaway”

  1. Nice job with the new site, these cases look sweet!

  2. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! I love iphone, ipod, computer gadgets like custom cases and skins! So much fun!

  3. Ashlee says:

    I want one! Pick me! ;)

  4. Kristin says:

    The website looks AMAZING!!! Great job!
    Love the idea for these cases.

  5. jeremiah says:

    Great to hang last night man! Look forward to continuing to connect. Now, gimme that discount card!

  6. sandoer says:

    Thanks for the compliments and entries! The winners have been chosen! Please continue to check our blog for great giveaways in the future!


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