My clients love me!

There's no better advertising than a happy client. I pride myself on making sure my clients are extremely satisfied with the work I do. Take a look for yourself.

First Solutions, Inc.

“I have worked with Sandoer Berg for the past several years. When ever my business is in need of an advertising layout or an improved look to our business cards I have turned to Sandoer. Sandoer is extremely creative. You can give him a simple idea and like magic he creates a product that is not only very professional in it’s appearance but has that “wow” factor to it. I always know that the finished product will scream creativity and be superior in quality.”

- Scott Colvin, Owner First Solutions, Inc.

McCurry Business Forms

“I have worked with Sandoer Berg on a large number of printing and graphic projects. He is very skilled at his trade. He has a keen eye for detail, color and placement which are three of the most key elements in our industry. He is able to work within the sometimes unreasonably tight deadlines that are imposed upon him and does so with a sense of humor and professionalism that I have rarely seen by other graphic designers. He is flexible both with his time and with his graphic abilities, conforming to the client’s requests as needed and offering valuable insight and suggestions when the situation calls for it. Taking all Sandoer’s graphic skills into account those are not the attributes I most rely on. He is reliable and honest. He has great integrity both personally and professionally. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a graphic project.”

- Daren Morgan, McCurry Business Forms

Man Around The House

“I really enjoy working with Sandoer on both professional and personal projects. You can always count on him to meet your deadline and his work is always “just right”. His professionalism is riveled only by his artistic ability. Sandoer’s knowledge of his craft is head and shoulders above the rest.”

- Bill Smith, Owner Man Around the House

Concrete Landscape Services

“Working with Sandoer is like imagining or dreaming of how something could be, he brings it to life and the end result far exceeds the dream, that's what you call magic!!!”

- Juliette Davis, Concrete Landscape Services